5 Reasons to Consider Custom

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Your clients get excited about working with domestic workshops!
If your client just wants to live inside an RH showroom, maybe custom isn’t worth it for them. But for many, the big appeal of custom is not only that you, the designer, are designing a unique piece of furniture specifically for your client, but also that this piece of furniture is being made just for your client somewhere nearby, rather than traveling from overseas in a container full of replicas. We have a lot of designers who love going custom for the reaction they get from their client. We send you preview photos of their furniture right on the factory floor. Something about that experience certainly says, “This is why I hired a professional in sourcing furniture.”

Special Spatial Challenges
It never goes over well when you can’t successfully install an item into its intended space, and it’s a slower burn when the furniture scale is wrong for the room. Being free to spec for your client’s special dimensions helps prevent any heartbreak on installation day. Need a little help with your spatial relations? That’s cool, our production team is full of helpful experience and we are happy to collaborate on any specific space plan challenges you may be facing. You know the adage, measure twice, cut once.

Special Considerations
Special considerations when specifying custom furniture may include any restraints that you may have in the way of client nuances. For example, extra tall clients need extra large dimensions, some clients have allergy considerations, others have requests for special materials like latex foam or 100% down, etc. Custom allows the opportunity to take those special considerations into the design process so you can still offer your client’s the style they want. Let’s have that chat at the top of the build and help you to determine the best materials for each aspect of your client’s needs.

Let Custom Be Your Calling Card
There are a zillion readymade barrel chair options on the market and when it is that easy, why bother with a custom design? ​ ​Access to unique custom furniture design is a calling card for a certain caliber of Interior Designer. ​When you go custom, you are 100% in charge of scale for your space plan and that is the advantage that your skillset truly brings to the client. ​ ​Tailor a classic silhouette specifically to your client’s needs and they will absolutely LOVE the feeling of knowing that someone is hand crafting a piece of furniture as unique as they are. ​ ​Going custom gives you the designer the opportunity to leave your mark on the project. Find your signature style through the customizations you make to your designs.

And there you have it. We are certain that since you are here, you already know all of this. So now that you are pep talked up, head on over to submit the RFQ for your next great piece!

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