5 Newish Fabrics We’re Dying to See on Buildlane Furniture (and How We’d Use Each One)

Best Upholstery Fabrics Spring 2021 — Dedar
Courtesy of Dedar

Sometimes, the best custom furniture ideas come from a single fabric swatch: a leopard-print cut velvet or a soft blush boucle can spark inspiration to create a loungey sectional or a sweet nursery rocking chair. We see a lot of great furniture come through the assembly line at Buildlane. Each piece, more creative than the next, gets us excited for what’s possible in the world of custom furniture, from crisp club chairs with pleated fringe to curvy velvet sofas. To get your creative juices flowing, we’re spotlighting five newish upholstery fabrics we think would make any room shine. 

Fabricut’s Balcony Stripe NH Haystack Yellow

Nickey Halsam’s Balcony Stripe for Fabricut screams summer with an ornate detailing that’s not your average cabana stripe. We wouldn’t be mad to see this sunny yellow number on bright sunroom seating. 

Pierre Frey’s Antibes Sanguine

Pierre Frey’s newest collection pays homage to the South of France. Antibes, a delicate embroidered floral cotton is too delicate for upholstery but would infuse European summer vibes to any sofa by way of throw pillows.

Dedar’s Nimbus Nude

Boucle is still hot right now (and not going anywhere anytime soon). But while we’re still very much on board with a warm white wool texture, Dedar’s barely-blush Nimbus boucle is reminiscent of puffy clouds and would be perfectly suited to a nursery rocker. 

Schumacher’s Woodland Leopard Velvet

For those who love a good patterned sofa, may we suggest Schumacher’s Woodland Leopard, a fabulous cut velvet that makes the trees and big cats stand out in even sharper relief against the background? The navy and gold hues lend themselves perfectly to a cozy movie den. 

James Dunlop’s Caxton Amber

Best Upholstery Fabrics Spring 2021 — James Dunlop

Here’s another statement velvet that deserves its moment in the sun: James Dunlop’s Caxton fabric is a geometric and textured velvet that would pair beautifully with a statement deco chair with sleek curved wooden arms. 

Which fabric are you dying to see on a custom piece right now?

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