Innovating Custom Furniture Creation: On A Well-Designed Business

LuAnn, I love your show because you always ask these specific questions on pricing.

– Frank Eybsen, Founder/CEO

CEO Frank Eybsen appeared on A Well-Designed Business podcast here in early 2022 and we don’t want our Buildlane fam to miss.

Frank had a wonderful opportunity to outline the Buildlane process and introduce LuAnn to the key points for how we are making custom easy for interior designers. The two discussed the benefits of the templates solution and how to use it.

A highlight of the interview was the discussion around 8 way hand tied versus sinuous spring, as LuAnn illustrates just how buzzy the concept of 8 way hand tied is, but how few designers actually understand the application of this suspension option and how it compares in quality and longevity to its counterparts. (More to come on that, and soon.)

The two also took a little dive into sustainable materials and manufacturing and LuAnn urged her audience to consider this route as some 6 out 10 consumers state that they wish to purchase sustainable furniture for their home but don’t know where or how to do so.

In conclusion LuAnn wrapped up the things thats she most loved about what she’d learned about Buildlane.

One was something I can’t remember, two was this very blog and three was something else!

Haha. Just kiddinnnnng, but for real she loves the blog. She listed The Lounge as a great resource for you and your clients and she specifically called out a Budget Breakdown post, the difference between a $1k and a $10k sofa.

Additionally, LuAnn loved

  1. The Buildlane Mantra: Making Custom Easy. The Buildlane team is here to collaborate in the creative process and to open up communications with builders through the ease of the digital experience.
  2. The Template Program: She recognizes that this a great jumping off point, making custom even easier.
  3. And lastly, when you work with Buildlane, you work with a team. Helping, Guiding, Informing along the way or providing you the freedom to just get it done.

Education, Custom Creation, Order Processing, Quality, Reliability & Convenience. She wrapped us up in a pretty package!

Thank you to LuAnn for having Frank on to dig into our story! Y’all let us know what you think.

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