A New Look for Buildlane

Buildlane Refines its Custom Furniture Software Platform to Improve User Experience

A couple of weeks ago, we let the Buildlane designer base in on a new update to the software platform via our Sunday newsletter. (Join us here.)

Ever on the mission to make custom furniture easy, we have made it even easier with the release of hundreds of classic and popular furniture templates, ready for you to customize to meet your client’s unique needs. You can still start a custom design from scratch, or press a button and edit as much as you’d like on a piece that our team of researchers have developed and optimized to scale and proportion.

Obviously, we are excited and we will be adding new template designs to your growing gallery weekly.

But this past week, our big thrill was to launch a newly updated website to match the new admin.

If you made your way here by the weekly Buildlane newsletter then chances are you are already a Buildlane designer with a platform login, so our homepage isn’t as relevant to you. It is primarily our tool to introduce ourselves to designers who don’t know us yet. If you know any, send them our way! Your referrals mean so much to us and our growth. Thank you.

“The whole Buildlane team is excited about this launch and has been working hard to deliver what Interior Designers on our platform have requested.”

Frank Eybsen, CEO/Founder

We are confident that our new software interface will fundamentally change the idea of what custom furniture is and what working directly with a workshop or factory is all about.

I know personally that the ease of the Buildlane chat box is far superior to my previous efforts tracking down a builder, a phone ringing away in that unattended office at the front of the factory floor. I love being able to check in on the progress of my pieces from my iPhone browser.

If you missed the deep dive into the new product, you can catch that here, where Frank introduces templates and the other improvements to our application.

Otherwise, thank you for checking out our new homepage at buildlane.com and being with us on this journey to make custom furniture easy.

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