Spotted: Fluted and Reeded Accents Put the Finishing Touches on Any Space

Fluting and reeding are some of the most time-honored architectural techniques around. Take a trip back to Ancient Greece, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by Doric columns, which boast the deep grooves and sleek ridges that only fluting can provide. Fast-forward to the Renaissance, and you’ll spot a similar form of ornamentation: Everything from furniture to moulding was lined with convex reeds.

These details may have a lengthy history, but they’re far from passé. Fluted and reeded accents are just as coveted by today’s designers as they were by the ancient Greeks and the Renaissance people. Available in iterations that range from sleekly classic to decidedly contemporary, fluted and reeded details have become go-to ways to add texture to today’s most striking homes. 

Step inside a modern-day interior, and you shouldn’t have any trouble spotting these long-loved accents. Bold coffee tables sit atop fluted columns, which harken back to the days of the Ancient Greeks. Statement-making sideboards boast the sleek reeds that populated the Art Deco era. And some enterprising designers have even traded print for texture, forgoing wallpaper in favor of reeds that run from ceiling to floor.

Since fluting and reeding have stuck around for this long, it’s hard to imagine them disappearing any time soon. And as the eye-catching accents continue to endure, designers are finding new and increasingly creative ways to incorporate them into homes.

A Sculptural Reeded Nook

Printed wallpaper and floor-to-ceiling reeding are striking ways to dress up your walls. But why choose between the two? With this reeded overlay, Traci Connell of Traci Connell Interiors segmented a tight space—while nodding to the reeded bar cabinet across the room. 

A Classic Fluted Sideboard

In a dining room this sleek, a bold black sideboard can’t help but feel contemporary. But thanks to its classically fluted cabinet doors, the piece adds a subtle dose of texture and contrast to the room. 

A Pink Sink With Reeded Flair

A bathroom with terrazzo-tile-lined walls, a sleek oval mirror, and a pink reeded sink
Design, Photo: Tandem Design

These days, even sinks are getting the reeding treatment. In this bathroom by Tandem Design, a reeded sink complements terrazzo-lined walls, piling on playful texture. 

A Playfully Fluted Wardrobe

This modern-day wardrobe offers a fresh take on fluting. Instead of boasting curved grooves, it’s lined with rectangular ones. And its doors are overlaid with fluted circles, which jut out ever-so-slightly to add dimension to the piece.

A Reed-Lined Statement Wall

An entryway lined with floor-to-ceiling reeding that looks almost like textured wallpaper
Design: Nina Ferrer Interiors, Photo: Kieran Bammann

This statement wall from Nina Ferrer Interiors is an absolute delight. Lined with rows of reeds, the wall is both eye-catching and impressive. And the wall’s imposing height makes the detail all the more incredible.

A Delightfully Chic Fluted Vanity

In this bathroom fit for an Ancient Greek or Roman, Musso Design Group has masterfully blended classic with contemporary. Elegant marble pieces and refined fluted cabinets live alongside sleek fixtures, smooth surfaces, and minimalist hardware.

A Striking Reeded Side Cabinet

A contemporary interior featuring bold art and a warm reeded side cabinet
xtDesign: JLV Creative, Photo: Margaret Wright

One of the beautiful things about reeding? The reeds don’t have to run in the same direction. On this striking side cabinet, reeds run vertically and horizontally—creating a series of arrow-like triangles that invite you to peek inside.

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