A Basement Movie Den and a Flame Stitch Hot Seat—Our Team’s Creativity Awards Go To…

We’re passionate about design and custom furniture at Buildlane, and our Instagram Saved folders are full of great ideas. Well, THAT’S Brilliant is a collection of favorite pieces our team and collaborators shared on Slack this week. We think these deserve a creativity award.

A Radical Design Statement

“There are certainly a lot of parallels between my obsession with the Memphis Group and our mission here at BuildLane. I especially like it because, unlike other radical design movements, some pieces of it weren’t ever adapted into the mainstream. It was here, it was weird, and then it was gone. In a mind map of furniture design the circles are all connected but Memphis lives in the bottom corner completely alone.”

—Frank Eybsen, Founder, Buildlane

A Basement Like No Other

“I love that this room reminds me of a ’70s conversation pit! It has the coziness of a home, with the class of a high-end bar.”

—Haleigh Long, Account Manager, Buildlane

An Artist Worth Knowing

“I was recently moved to read about how Chicago-based artist Jarvis Boyland uses domestic spaces: bedrooms, furniture, etc. as a way to communicate intimacy and normalcy in his work paintings of Black men. Also: They’re simply really beautiful works.”

—Sophie Donelson, Contributing Editor, BuildLane & Sophie & Cie

A Flaming Hot Seat

“Sophie introduced me to Grant Trick as an upholsterer that makes spaces feel extra sexy. I have enjoyed following him since, but this daybed especially stopped me dead in my tracks. The flame stitch match is a thing of art… I was so inspired by the silhouette that I’m using it as a major inspiration for a modular sofa that’s in production with Buildlane now!”

—Betsy Moyer, Community Manager, Buildlane & The Estate of Things

A Tiny Room That Does it All

“This tiny TV room by British designer Beata Heuman feels purposeful, thanks to a wall-to-wall sofa-meets-daybed that’s extra-deep, plush, and cozy for lounging and long naps. The modern damask pattern and bolster arm pillows only add to the charm.”

—Gabrielle Savoie, Contributing Editor, Buildlane & Savvy Digital

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