2023 Most Popular Fabric Vendors (For Custom)

I went into the Buildlane data and pulled a report for COM fabrics received for the year 2023. I thought this would be helpful to see what other designers are specifying.

Here is a chart showing the top 30 fabric vendors and the volume of each vendor we received fabric last year.

*Note I didn’t modify the data to group different companies that are really the same company. Which is why you will see Holly Hunt and also Great Outdoors. Many that was low hanging fruit and I should have combined those two but I thought it was interesting how popular Great Outdoors was so I left it.

I did this same article a couple years ago so we can actually compare what was popular then versus now.

Samuel & Sons having the biggest jump is no surprise. We are definitely seeing a lot more trim being incorporated into upholstery designs. And it seems like last year the only trim anyone was ordering was all coming from Samuel & Sons – did they win that market?

Now comes the fun part. Last time I wrote this article I just shared a swatch of the fabric. This time I’m going to share a swatch along with a piece of furniture made with it for the top ten fabric vendors. Hope this was helpful!


OZAN – 156 with design by Annette Tatum Collections
KRAVET SMART – 36857-1611 with design by THELIFESTYLEDCO
35325-516 with design by Jenni Leasia Design
VENETIAN – DUSTY PINK with design by dayhouse studio


Heirloom Anthracite with design by Olson Twombly Interior Design
Rough ‘n Rowdy White Sands with design by Florence Livingston Interiors
In The Loop Whitewash with design by Denton House Design Studio
Big Softy Bronze with design by MJS Design Group


Bronco Clay with design by Ashley Yeates
Fuzzy Spa with design by KRID Studio
Voltaire Evergreen with design by Jeff Schlarb Design Studio
Dorton Storm Fabric with design by Paull Interiors

Holly Hunt

Great Outdoors Siesta Coconut with design by Perri Swift Interiors
Luca’s Love Green Tea with design by Saavedra Design Studio
Great Plains Forgiving Sins Pumice with design by hawk & co
Great Plains Fine Company Cloud with design by BANDD DESIGN
Great Plains Masquerade Phantom with design by Olson Twombly Interior Design

Samuel & Sons

Bali Jute Fan Edge Burlap with design by J Kathryn Interiors
Oberon Goldleaf (and Custom Medallion/Tassles also by S&S) with design by Douglah Designs
Julienne Single/Double Welting Opal with design by Mohindroo Interiors
Umbriel Obsidian with design by Jeff Schlarb Design Studio


Botany 5134 with design by Aurora Interiors
Cambridge 4210/06 Graphite with design by AJS Designs
Secret Beach 4253/01 Coconut with design by Denton House Design Studio
Honolulu 5148/04 with design by Cynthia Spence Design


Dacha Duckegg with design by Deborah Silver Design
Plato Cocoa with design by Douglah Designs
Chadwick Marine, Riveted Cadet, and Bonus Angora with design by Denton House Design Studio
Contralto Snow with design by Denton House Design Studio


Ada Kingfisher with design by Jacqueline Kleinberg Interiors
Quinton Kingfisher with design by Glinn Interiors
Sabina Driftwood (with Brentano Trace Tiger Lily) with design by Dane Austin Design
Sahara III Brick with design by Tara Felice Interiors


Buxley Navy with design by Butter Lutz Interiors
Manhattan Chestnut with design by THELIFESTYLEDCO
Fomo Velvet Flax with design by Butter Lutz Interiors
Purity Bisque with design by Liz Marchant Interiors

JF Fabrics

Griffin 25S8971 (and Arabel Taboo Velvet) with design by Amity Worrel & Co
Instigator 96J9131 with design by Briar Design.
Survivor 77J8281 with design by Christie Hausmann Design
Bordeaux 94J8961 with design by Butter Lutz Interiors
Lockwood 74J6441 with design by Anthology Interiors

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