Spotted: The Bullion Fringe Revival Is Here

A living room with a gold velvet sofa lined with matching bullion fringe
Design: Jessie D. Miller Design, Photo: Megan Thiele Photography

Minimalism has dominated the last decade in interior design. Homeowners have embraced the sleek lines of midcentury modern furniture, warm white paint has flown off the shelves, and decluttering has become a favorite pastime. But our appetite for embellishment is steadily increasing. Printed wallpaper is flourishing. Statement lighting is thriving. And bullion fringe? It’s experiencing a renaissance.

… Tassels and trim, when well-selected can make any piece sing. It’s important to use it sparingly otherwise you run the risk of  your piece “wearing too much makeup”!

Garrow Kedigian

Unlike the other maximalist trends taking hold, bullion fringe hasn’t been popular for a bit. The fringe—known for its twisted cord appearance—came to prominence during the Victorian era, when luxury and ornamentation were all the rage. The detail faded from style, making a brief comeback during the Hollywood Regency and Art Deco movements of the early 20th century. Then for decades, it largely disappeared. After all, there was no room for bullion fringe in a world full of sleekly-legged armchairs and ground-grazing sofas.

But as we make space for ornamentation, bullion fringe is getting another chance to add luxury, texture, and personality to our homes. A humble strip of bullion fringe can take a couch from ordinary to opulent, dress up an ottoman, or add some welcome color contrast to an otherwise-simple chair. And when paired with a contemporary sofa, bullion fringe can create a juxtaposition so delightful and surprising that it demands a double take.

Of course, bullion fringe is just beginning to get the love it deserves. But designers have already found a handful of fun ways to incorporate the trim into their interiors.

A Luxuriously Textured Sofa

This cozy living space is packed with statement-making pieces, but the star of the show is the sofa. Made of green tufted velvet and lined with matching fringe, the sculptural piece grounds the bold room—adding texture, luxury, and an inviting place to sit.

A Color-Coordinated Ottoman

A living room with an orange ottoman lined with matching bullion trim
Design: Mary Douglas Drysdale, Photo: Jeff MacNamara

In this punchy room, designer Mary Douglas Drysdale paired warm wooden furniture with equally warm orange upholstery. (She even threw in a bowl of oranges for good measure.) And she added texture through a series of bold pieces, like an ornate table, an embellished bookshelf, and a fringe-lined tufted ottoman.

An Oh-So Classic Couch

A living room with a gold velvet sofa lined with matching bullion fringe
Design: Jessie D. Miller Design, Photo: Megan Thiele Photography

In this classic space, teal walls and antique furniture are complemented by the room’s centerpiece: a gold velvet sofa lined with bullion fringe. Though the couch’s silhouette is fairly simple, its upholstery envelops it in luxury. The piece’s rich color, sumptuous texture, and ornamental fringe leave the sofa feeling stately—even palatial.

Seriously Fancy & Super Comfy

In a recent Designer QnA with Buildlane, Designer Garrow Kedigian digs into the classic banquette. Ever since he was bit by the banquette bug, he routinely manages to squeeze one into a project. The depth and comfort level may adjust according to its use, but always a tight back…. and more often than not, a splash of bullion fringe too!

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