Well, THAT’S Brilliant

We’re passionate about design and custom furniture at Buildlane, and our Instagram Saved folders are full of great ideas. Well, THAT’S Brilliant is a collection of favorite pieces our team and collaborators shared on Slack this week. We think these deserve custom furniture awards.

Pattern on Pattern, only custom can do this this well!? The Highlander House is located in my home state, the very region where I was born and raised, but it’s only recently that the mountains of NC have lured me in with this level of appeal. This is but one magical room of many. I don’t know which rad wallpaper/upholstered furniture combo to love best. Please have a look and decide for yourself.”

—Betsy Moyer, Buildlane Director of Content & Community & Designer at The Estate of Things

“This is my dream room set up :raised_hands::skin-tone-2: and the mattress in the middle is a water bed!”

—Haleigh Long, Buildlane Account Manager

“This is what my silverware feels like when I do dishes!”

—Frank Eybsen, Buildlane Founder

“An iconic Adrian Pearsall is always a good idea, but this recent reupholstery job for @mainstreetmodern feels super right now. I believe it’s the half moon seat back cushions. I’m taking notes. We should see more of this shape in upholstery shouldn’t we?”

—Betsy Moyer, Buildlane Director of Content & Community & Designer at The Estate of Things

“An amazing chair designed by Brad Pitt. It’s upholstered in a poly-urethane and there will only be 48 produced, signed and numbered!”

—Haleigh Long, Buildlane Account Manager

What did we miss? Who gets your custom furniture awards this month?

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