A Sleeper Sofa with Hidden Storage

by Kimberley Harrison Interiors

In these spectacular times, clients are rethinking the multi-use of their spaces more than ever.

Have you received the request for a sofa that is also a bed that can also pull duty as a storage unit? Kimberley Harrison Interiors did, and they really pulled it off. The design firm was able to utilize Buildlane to expand on the idea of a simple sleeper sofa, transforming it into something absolutely spectacular. It blows me out of the water every time I see our designers conceptualize pieces so unique for their client’s space, something that I never would have imagined myself.

A sleeper sofa with built in storage by Kimberley Harrison Interiors

The Brief

What did the clients want? Kimberley Harrison Interiors is here to give us a bit of insight as to what her clients exactly wanted for their space. Here’s what she had to say “The clients wanted a serene retreat that served as a “get-away” right in their own backyard. What was once a teenage pool house was transformed into a multi-purpose environment with a separate workout space and room for yoga along with a living area, kitchen, and full bath, which allows them to offer it as a guest house for relatives.” In small space you have to make everything versatile. You can have a space that is interchangeable. You can make it a yoga room, a bedroom and a living room. It is a great way to make the most out of a small space.

Why Custom?

“When we started looking for what we wanted, we couldn’t find anything that was multi purpose. The room isn’t that big so we couldn’t add a lot of furniture. Our goal was to have separation between the living space and the workout space and we needed three things: a sofa, a pull out bed and somewhere to store workout equipment. This custom piece does it all, sofa, sleeper, storage and a side table – all custom designed in one piece.”

The Design Process

“We started with the floor plan for the room and the clients’ needs for the room.” Space planning was super important for this multi-use space. KHI’s team needed to be able to make the space super versatile and live-able. Since their clients wanted to be able to have a yoga room, workout room, living room, and bedroom, a sofa bed with built-in storage was perfect for the space. Having conceal storage allows the clients to store any unsightly but necessary bedding, work out gear and necessities for the space.

The Materials

What materials did you choose and why? Any others you considered? “We chose wood for a warm, and neutral feel.” Being able to choose a wood that isn’t too harsh for the space that is welcoming and durable is super important. Especially in a space that needs to be multi functional. The wood is also a neutral color that is super zen! Being able to choose a wood that is warm and neutral is super serene in a pool house because you are able to bring the outside in.

Favorite Detail

“The wood return along the back of the sofa: it serves as a nice detail, hidden storage, and a place to sit down and put your work out shoes on!” Being able to choose a wood that is durable that can withstand kids, pets and everything in between!

OMG OMG OMG, I’m going to cry it’s so beautiful.

– Happy Clients!

What the Clients Said

“OMG OMG OMG, I’m going to cry it’s so beautiful.” I love being able to hear the reactions of the clients! It’s super cool to see how happy and pleased they are with their custom piece! These clients were able to get some thing multi functional and durable for their space! They were able to get a piece that pulls triple duty, a comfy spot to relax, with storage that also converts into a sleeper sofa!

Mixed with:

“Custom meditation pillow made with Sasha Bikoff’s Uptown Toille in Black and White, which Kim fell in love with and knew it would be perfect for these fun clients.

Three Palacek pendants hang near the fireplace in a grouping:

The Greta Coco Bead Pendant is made of tiny coco beads in a soft white finish hand-woven over a metal frame; the Point Dume Pendant consists of hand-sewn wood beads in a soft white finish; and the Everly Pendant is natural, fine alpaca rope tightly wrapped over a powder coated metal frame.”

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