A Serpentine Sectional

Design by Sandra Britt Interiors

A serpentine sectional with a view of the Miami skyline, what can get any better than that? Here we have this beautiful living room by Sandra Britt Interiors. In this Spotlight feature, Brittnie McAninley Giles with Sandra Britt Interiors has some insight on to what her clients exactly wanted!

Here is the skinny.

What the client wanted. “This apartment was purchased by two sisters who loved to visit Miami on weekends with their families, and in true Miami fashion, the unit has a very unusual shape. The living room is extremely narrow and the “dining area” was more of a walkway than an actual space to place a table. I knew I had to get creative since the expected occupancy was anywhere from 4-8 (very tall) people.Luckily, this was my 4th property I have designed for them so I knew the quality level and look they expected. Since this property is used as their weekend escape, we went for a hotel or spa-like feel which is a bit of a departure from their other properties. We wallpapered the ceiling, hid all of the doors with flat and slatted wood paneling, created a hidden computer station in the TV built in, attached a lot of upholstery to the walls and used curved furniture to expand the space.”

Design by Sandra Britt Interiors

Going custom is the only foolproof way to troubleshoot awkward spaces with aesthetic and functionality in mind.

Why go custom? The clients decided to go custom instead of buying a ready made piece. Brittnie said “Going custom is the only foolproof way to troubleshoot awkward spaces with aesthetic and functionality in mind. Because we had a narrow living room and wanted to provide as much seating as possible, we needed a specific radius to the curved sofa. We also had a banquette made to custom fit the wall that we chose to house the dining area on. Every inch counts in small spaces!”

When you go custom you find the option to create something that fits your space perfectly. A piece that is able to complement your space in a way that a ready-made piece couldn’t. If you have the ability to go custom do it!

The Design Process with Buildlane is easy peasy! Here is how they decided on a piece that was was perfect for their space! Brittnie said she always likes to identify the problem areas first! “This floor plan was filled with too many harsh angles. I wanted to soften the space by using curved, upholstered pieces throughout. My biggest challenge was reshaping the floor plan without doing any drywall work that I would have needed permits for. I ended up disguising the set backs in the wall, the stacked doors in the hallway and I hid the computer station using custom millwork.”

Design by Sandra Britt Interiors

The Materials that they chose for this space compliment that couch perfectly! “In order to keep the millwork cost down, I selected a wood laminate instead of solid wood or a wood veneer. I layered a lot of soft patterned and textural wallpapers with heavy linen drapery and velvets accents creating a casual yet sophisticated space.”

One of the most unique things about this sofa is the curve, shape and size! Brittnie agrees “My favorite detail in the space is the custom, curved sectional. The wood plinth base showcases the curve which really tricks the eye and softens the corner it is tucked into. The height of the sectional is also great. It is low enough to showcase the city views while still being tall enough to lounge comfortably.”

What the Clients Said: “They could not believe it was the same unit! They loved every thoughtful detail and were very happy they went with the curved sectional.”

Design by Sandra Britt Interiors

Mixed With: Millwork from our favorite team WAD Designs, Sconce Easel from Arteriors Home, Emma Hayes Nebula Mist Wallpaper from Bradley USA

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