Who are the people behind Buildlane?

On every quote and production piece the Buildlane chat box is always filled with a ton of communication. Sometimes it isn’t always clear what role in the process each of these people play.

Well, today we’re going to peel back the curtain a bit and introduce you to the amazing talent behind Buildlane.

Frank Eybsen

Position: Founder / CEO

Backstory: I was working in tech and marketing for almost a decade before I was pulled into the home industry. I’ve now had nearly a decade working alongside domestic furniture builders and interior designers.

Where you might see Frank: I’ll drop in and offer some build expertise from time to time, so you might see me in chat. I have a ton of favorite designers I follow too and I’m not shy about reaching out and saying hi. I also like to think I come up with some of the best feature ideas for Buildlane and then let the Product Team do the research and design to make those features actually work! 

Why did you join create Buildlane: I saw what an antiquated and time consuming process it was for interior designers and builders to work together. So I started Buildlane to allow beautiful furniture to be made by the country’s best craftspeople with as little friction as possible.

What do you do besides Buildlane: Play with my four year-old daughter and listen to music.

Heather Zeilman

Position: COO

Backstory: I began managing interior designers in 2006 as part of overall capital projects for local government.  I then worked as a design consultant/project manager at a luxury interior design firm in Telluride, CO, which was where I began working directly with Buildlane to source custom furniture!  I fell in love with the custom process and enjoyed the experience so much, I joined Frank in early 2019. 

Where you might see Heather: It’s probably easier to make a list of where you WON’T see me!  From design meetings with Buildlane interior designers, to production management chats and Zoom calls, to all-things customer service related, to quick “hellos” from those of you I worked with way back when.  I love getting to wear my many Buildlane hats. 

Why did you join Buildlane: As a former client, I experienced first-hand the ways Buildlane increased the scope of custom options we could offer clients, as well as the ways it leveraged our time and alleviated our pain points.

What do you do besides Buildlane: Ski, climb, trail run, river raft, bike, camp, surf – all things out-of-doors with my husband and our six year old son.

George Gearhart

Position: Head of Product

Backstory: I began working with technology startups in a previous century and I never looked back. My love of building software and businesses has led me around the globe.

Where you might see George: I’m usually the one finding cool stats and data for our blog and newsletter, but beyond that I’m mostly working behind the scenes…until a technical problem pops up and I swoop in to help.

Why did you join Buildlane: I joined the team in the spring of 2020. Prior to that I’d been helping Frank, my friend and former colleague, with technical, product, and startup-related things whenever I could. I knew long before I officially joined Buildlane that Frank was creating something unique and one-of-a-kind; just like the amazing custom furniture that Buildlane designers and workrooms are building every day! 

What do you do besides Buildlane: I love to travel. When I’m not visiting friends or new places, I spend nearly all of my free daylight time on the sand playing beach volleyball.

Betsy Moyer

Position: Director of Content & Community 

Backstory: I’m a real estate and interiors enthusiast with a pedigreed past in digital marketing. As a home decor retailer, I’ve turned to Buildlane a number of times for projects. I am thrilled to merge my passion for furniture design with my marketing talent for the success of this company!

Where you might see Betsy: I’ll be popping in to praise you for your incredible installations on Instagram,or hitting you up on chat for your permission to share your latest greatest design with the Buildlane community on our blog, email or our social media. 

Why did you join BuildLane: I truly believe that Buildlane is on to something special and that the future of custom furniture starts here! I want to be a part of that.

What do you do besides Buildlane: OMGHA, please come see at betsymoyer.com, or follow along with my design projects @theestateofthings.

Nora O’Halloran

Position: Account Manager

Backstory: Interior design has always been my passion, I grew up redesigning my childhood bedroom every few months, much to the dismay of my parents. After a few years as an elementary school teacher I quickly realized design had my heart and never looked back. I’ve worked at boutique firms, owned my own design firm and most recently was part of the Airbnb interior design team before joining Buildlane. 

Where you might see Nora: I’m everywhere! You will see me every step of the way, from a kick off call to coordinating delivery, I’ll be by your side through the entire process. I am just one email or phone call away, I love getting to know our designers! 

Why did you join Buildlane: Coming from the design world, the moment I saw the Buildlane concept I was sold. I knew this was very much needed in the industry and when I met the Buildlane team I just knew this was where I belonged. 

What do you do besides Buildlane: I am a mom to two boys, ages eight and ten so most weekends are spent at the baseball field or basketball courts. Outside of that, I love to hike, paddleboard, play tennis, travel, attend as many concerts as possible, volunteer for a local nonprofit, plan dinner parties with friends and family and cheer on our favorite team, the Cubs!

Haleigh Long

Position: Account Manager

Backstory: After studying textiles at SCAD and a move to NYC shortly after, I quickly fell into the world of interior design. I worked in a few high-end showrooms, focused on custom embroidery and furnishings. I loved building lasting relationships with designers and being a part of their vision coming to life! 

Where you might see Haleigh: As an account manager, you’ll see me everywhere! From the initial kick off call where I walk you through our process, to discussing upcoming projects and ideas, all the way through the delivery of your finished piece, I’m your go-to! 

Why did you join BuildLane: My experience in sales made me eager to find a company that provided timely service, transparent communication and beautiful craftsmanship. Once I saw the BuildLane site, I was sold! 

What do you do besides Buildlane: Outside of BuildLane I love to go to the beach, head to the pottery studio, paint, and spend time with good friends.

Stephen Coombs

Position: Shop Drawing Manager

Backstory: I’m a furniture designer with over 15 years of experience in high-end furniture.  A graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s Design program, I have worked with many prominent designers in the industry in all categories of furniture design and development. As a skilled craftsman, I have worked side by side with the hands that create; the makers that bring your ideas to life.  

Where you might see Stephen: I will be the point of contact for your design needs as we translate it into the drawing that describes it. I will help you understand the expected final product, the process, relay design changes to the builder, and relay the builder’s design constraints/solutions to you.    

Why did you join BuildLane: I joined Buildlane because it brings to life what I enjoy most; collaborating with makers and designers to produce not only beautiful one-of-a-kind products, but signature pieces that you will not see anywhere else.

What do you do besides Buildlane: Basically obsessed with furniture, when I’m not designing, I’m just a dad. For past projects, or possible upcoming ones, visit stephencoombs.com.

Samantha Muñoz

Position: Quote Moderator

Backstory: I fell in love with Interior Design working at a home decor showroom in my hometown. I loved being around beautiful things and using my creativity to put together vignettes or to help clients pull a room together. My favorite part about this industry is seeing how happy the clients are when they find the perfect piece for their home.

Where you might see Samantha: You’ll find me around all things quote related. When you submit an RFQ, I review it and clean it up if needed to make sure it’s easy for the builders to read and review all of the details. I also work with the builders to make sure they get their quotes in so we can deliver the best one to you!

Why did you join BuildLane: I joined Buildlane because I saw that they were doing something really unique. I’ve seen first hand how there can be a lot of disconnect between designers and builders when creating custom furniture. Buildlane makes that process so much easier. 

What do you do besides Buildlane: Spend time outdoors, binge watch shows/movies, and listen to music.

Haniel Coronado

Position: Factory Liaison

Backstory: I’ve been living and breathing the Los Angeles furniture factory world for the last two years. Before that you’d find me helping manage other manufacturing and warehouse industries around South, East LA and Commerce also in the custom manufacturing area.

Where you might see Haniel: If you ever stop by one of our workshops or factories in Southern California either to take a tour or check on an order you have a very good chance of running into me. I will also show up on the chat quite often ensuring that nothing is lost in translation between the designers and the factories. I love being the boots on the ground for Buildlane at factories in SoCal. A lot of the times I have the most insight on a piece and can view ideas or concerns from the builder perspective being that I spend a lot of time on the floor with the builders day in and day out.

Why did you join Buildlane: I am a big fan of the manufacturing community and I saw Buildlane as a real force to help keep these factories full of business. I really wanted to be a part of something new and that was also doing good in the world of US-based production. My idea of being a real asset to Buildlane due to my set of skills of being a very detail oriented individual, a very quick learner and being the liaison between the company and the factories was the huge motivator for me. I could also not have passed up on an opportunity of joining a startup but not any startup, specifically one that is a real game changer in the tech and the custom furniture industry at the same time.

What do you do besides Buildlane: When I’m off the clock I’m with my 4 kiddos ranging from 3-8 at home with my wife. When not working with them on school work, grocery shopping or chores we love the outdoors and exploring new places and or simply just being outside in our backyard using the bikes, scooters or jumping on the trampoline. On my own time I’m a handyman at home looking around the home for what to fix or more like what to customize along with working on cars and my motorcycles and love watching action movies.

Danielle Johnson

Position: Shipping Manager

Backstory: After a decade of traveling for work in the film industry – from Austin to Los Angeles and beyond – on independent features like Loving, The Florida Project, and Book Club, I decided to pack up from the big city life and head back to the small Colorado mountain town where I went to college in search of a quiet place to work on my own writing in between the daily grind of seasonal work. And that’s where serendipity introduced me to our COO, Heather Zeilman! Since Producing and Production Management were my skill sets, Heather and I discussed where my love of coordinating and logistics could shine at BuildLane – and here I am!

Where you might see Danielle: Once your custom piece has completed and the Builder has uploaded photos, you’ll click the “Approve to Ship” button on your dashboard and that’s where I come in! Whether you need a Whiteglove Shipping estimate for your projects, or information to schedule your own pickup, I will walk you through the post-production phase of your build and be your contact for final invoicing so that we can get your beautiful custom pieces to their new home!

Why did you join BuildLane: I joined BuildLane in November of 2020 because of my love of start-ups and the unique service and partnerships that we’re providing for our clients. It’s such a special group of people to work with behind-the-scenes and a true team experience from vision to install. I love being part of an organization who has a vision in mind and then watching everyone bring their unique skill sets together to bring it to life!

What do you do besides Buildlane: Write, yoga, meditate, hike, trail-run, camp and stream the latest movies and TV series.

Reed Caputo

Position: Production Assistant

Backstory: After earning a BFA in Craft and Material Studies with a focus in Furniture Design, I pursued a creative career motivated by my appreciation for art and design. My passion for being part of creative and collaborative environments has led me to work on projects ranging from fine woodworking to glassblowing to 40-foot-tall kinetic sculptures.

Where you might see Reed: You can find me in the middle of the operations process. Making sure everything runs smoothly from RFQ to the finished piece for you.

Why did you join Buildlane: I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating one of a kind custom pieces that enhance the space and lives of those who interact with them. After starting my own custom furniture business, I was intrigued by BuildLane’s solution to make custom easy.

What do you do besides Buildlane: Catch me training my Blue Heeler pup and air frying up a mean jalapeño popper. I also enjoy spending quality time with family and friends around the firepit.

Ben Bradshaw

Position: Lead Engineer

Backstory: I’ve always been interested in science, technology, math, and building things. After graduating in mechanical engineering, I was attracted to software engineering due to the workplace environment, expanse of opportunity, and challenge of building applications. 

Where you might see Ben: Engineers work behind the scenes most of the time. But anytime you see a new feature arrive, or a bug fixed, you know I programmed it!

Why did you join BuildLane: After meeting George and Frank, I was impressed with the backstory of BuildLane and could see the vision of where BuildLane is going. I enjoy being involved in early-stage startups and was excited to be a part of a company dealing with physical products, the furniture, and the technology, our app.

What do you do besides Buildlane: I love to travel to nearby and faraway places. Whether it is to one of the national parks close to me in Utah, or international destinations, I enjoy meeting the locals, understanding the culture, learning new languages, exploring, and trying new foods.

Hunter Scanlon

Position: Project Manager 

Backstory: I have been in love with furniture design since a trip to Denmark to complete my degree in architecture. That experience spurred on my passion for materials and the process of bringing beautiful designs for home decor to fruition. I’ve gone on to work in many areas of furniture design, development, and production. I have recently completed my Masters of Design at the University of Cincinnati, before finding a position on the Buildlane product team.

Where you might see Hunter: My role operates within the product team and is a bit behind the scenes doing research and development of a few exciting projects. 

Why did you join BuildLane: I sought out to join Buildlane after seeing the innovation they were bringing to the furniture industry. I knew I wanted to be part of the team that was creating such an incredible tool for both designers and builders to connect and make awesome furniture.

What do you do besides Buildlane: Outside of Buildlane you can find me biking, and snowboarding when the weather gets cold or in my kitchen baking something new.

Natalia Kosarieva

Position: Product Designer

Backstory: I’ve always been interested in design, and I’ve always enjoyed creating things. I love making products better and easier to use and helping customers and companies solve their problems.

Where you might see Natalia: As a product designer I’m working behind the scenes – improving the experience for you and designing new features. 

Why did you join BuildLane: I joined Buildlane because I truly believe in this great idea of creating custom furniture online. I wanted to be part of a great team and help this unique startup be successful, as well as make the customer’s experience better. Besides that I love the furniture industry and interior design, it inspires me a lot.

What do you do besides Buildlane: In my spare time I love reading, playing tennis, gardening and traveling.

Michael Pineda

Position: Digital Content Specialist

Backstory: I picked up a camera about 6 years ago, and haven’t really put it down since. As I began to take on clients I found most of them to be for real estate. I’ve always admired the thought that went into the interior design and the beautiful furniture that I got to capture.

Where you might see Michael: While I’m usually behind the camera, I’ll be here and there alongside the marketing team. You’ll see my photos and videos on Instagram, the Buildlane Blog & our Newsletters and I may tag along when you come around for a factory tour. 

Why did you join Buildlane: I love using imagery to tell a story. I have an eye for aesthetics and the custom furniture pieces they make are the perfect subject. I am thankful to be part of this amazing team and to be able to build imagery around such beautiful pieces.

Sam Sass

Position: Social Media Manager

Backstory: I developed a love for marketing as a Social Media Manager for various lifestyle businesses back in Nebraska where I am from. I have a HUGE passion for Real Estate and Interior Design. My dream is to buy and flip houses all over the country! I am living in and currently renovating a 18ft Retro Rewind Trailer. What a project I am telling Y’all!! I cant wait to grow my knowledge in social media marketing and interior design and use that in the future towards my own projects!  

Where you might see Sam: Mostly I’m behind the scenes, working with the marketing team. You’ll see my work anytime you cruise through our Instagram profile!

Why did you join BuildLane: I am honored to be a part of this amazing team and can’t wait to learn more and more about the future of custom furniture.

What do you do besides Buildlane: I am studying to be a Real Estate Agent at Chamberlain University and I spend my weekends working at the historic Cold Spring Tavern. I am also working alongside Betsy as her Personal Assistant for design projects! Check out my Instagram @sammsass for my travels and etc!

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