5 Lounge Chair Styles For Every Occasion

Sit back and relax.

Hot take: There is nothing better than a lounge chair. Just like your own individual sofa, the lounge chair is comfortable, upholstered, and designed for just one person. It’s also a statement living room piece that can manifest itself in tons of different styles, each one specialized for its own purpose. For napping and television viewing, the sink-right-in club chair reigns supreme, while the swivel chair is ideal for holding conversations while entertaining. And if you’re looking to feel like royalty, the regal wingback should be your pick. To help you choose the best lounge chair for your client’s needs and aesthetics, we’ve outlined five popular lounge chair styles we love below. You really can’t go wrong.

Bergère Chair

Since the mid-18th century, the bergère chair has been a top-rate seat. The French style includes an upholstered back and armrests, with exposed wood framing that may be ornately molded, carved, or gilded. It has a loose-yet-tailored seat cushion so it’s comfortable enough to lounge, but also chic enough for a formal living room.

Club Chair

The club chair’s original name, fauteuil confortable, translates to “the comfortable armchair.” This designation from its birth country, France, could not be more appropriate. With a super deep seat, leather upholstery, and plush, high arms, the boxy-yet-cozy club chair is a napper’s delight. It’s also a prime piece for cuddling up with a book or movie, so it’s an asset to any family room.

Swivel Chair

Invented by Thomas Jefferson and perhaps the style he sat in while drafting the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the swivel chair features a single central support and a spinning mechanism that allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees. Jefferson first developed the swivel chair by adding casters to a Windsor chair, but such a movement function is now applied to all types of chairs, including lounge chairs. That means swivel chairs can be equally great in a home office and a living room.

Tub Chair

A semicircular back that leads into one continuous curve with equal-height arms is the defining shape of the tub chair, which is also referred to as the barrel chair. The somewhat cylindrical form recalls either a tub or a barrel with a seat carved out, hence the two names. The upholstered piece has an eye-catching sculptural flair.

Wingback Chair

First introduced in 1600s England and popularized a century later, the wingback chair is an elegant, traditional style that hasn’t changed much over the years. Perhaps that’s because its titular “wings”—the curved sides that flare out from the back—both look sophisticated and serve as super comfortable headrests. The original purpose of the wings was to shield the sitter from drafts and trap the heat from the fireplace, which they still can do (even if modern temperature control makes this less important.) With an upholstered seat and exposed wood legs, the wingback is a keeper.

Which popular lounge chair styles are your go-tos?

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