A Nook Made for Napping and a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Sofa—Our Team’s Creativity Awards Go To…

Best Custom Furniture July 2021
Design by Hugo Toro

We’re passionate about design and custom furniture at Buildlane, and our Instagram Saved folders are full of great ideas. Well, THAT’S Brilliant is a collection of favorite pieces our team and collaborators shared on Slack this week. We think these deserve a creativity award.

A Seat That’ll Make You Melt

“I’m not usually a fan of furniture as art or the other way around, but the Melting Chair by Philipp Aduatz turns me around on the subject. Is it melting from the heat or is rising up from the molten metal, forcing its shape to form and you to notice? There is motion despite the stillness and a surface that you can’t resist reaching out to touch.”

—Dennis Scully, head of marketing and sales, Buildlane

A Made-to-Measure Masterpiece

“There’s something so satisfying about a sofa that fits a room like a glove. Exhibit A: this emerald velvet sectional in architectural designer Hugo Toro’s Paris Apartment. It hugs every corner of the room, stops right at the edge of a brushed steel doorway on one end and a brass plinth table on the other. Bonus points to the striped cushion fringe.”

—Gabrielle Savoie, content and partnerships, Buildlane and founder, Savvy Digital

A Pick-Your-Own-Adventure Sectional

“It was the proportions of the space with high ceilings with such a cozy-looking sofa that got me first. But I can’t get over the endless possibilities of the modular set (and also stop-motion needs to make a comeback!)

—Alejandra Zapata, account manager, Buildlane

A Corner Made for Napping

“An ultra-plush indigo sectional that matches the grasscloth wallpaper? Now that’s a recipe for a perfectly lazy Saturday afternoon.”

—Nora O’Halloran, account manager, Buildlane

A Dining Room-Turned-Staycation

“Admittedly when I see peacock velvet, my insides yawn a little, but not in this installation: a perfect execution in an awkward space and I’m newly intrigued. It’s the wall mural that does it for me, and the monkey doesn’t hurt.”

—Betsy Moyer, marketing coordinator, Buildlane

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